Environmental sustainability is important to us.


At TK we believe it a necessity to ensure our environmental footprint is as small as possible.

Our world is in trouble and we don’t intend to make it worse. Maybe even, cross fingers, we’ve got a few concepts that might just offer a way forward in modern workplace practice.

Our approach is three-fold ...

"You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do, makes a difference – and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."

Jane Goodall


No desk at TK has a bin underneath it. All members are encouraged to recycle as much as possible by using one of our ten recycle stations throughout our building.
Only in using these recycle stations can we ensure our waste to landfill is reduced to the smallest amount possible.

Worm Farms

We operate three worm farms at The Kollective. This provides two super environment saving opportunities. 

1. Our food waste doesn't go to landfill. Rather if feeds our worms. 
2. Our members are able to take home the nutrient filled worm pee to fertilise their own home grown veggies. 

Lighting & Printing 


Our building makes best use of natural lighting to the extent that for most of the day we have no need for electrical lighting. Where we do require additional lighting, we will only use LED bulbs to ensure the smallest amount of power usage. Our clever lights are sensor triggered so if no one moves, the lights go off!


TK uses ‘toner recoverable’ printers from Toshiba. ‘Toner recoverable’ means that once we’ve printed a document, when we’ve finished with the paper we don’t bin it. We don’t even place it in a recycling station. No, we can simply place the paper back in the printer, where the clever little doobery-bobs therein will suck the toner back off the page meaning that both the paper and the toner are able to be used again. This process means we see a 70% reduction in paper and consumable use.

Transport & Parking

While TK has 57 car parking spaces available for use, we actively encourage our members to think sensibly about the use of their car, particularly if it means single occupancy use.Our TK Total Transport Solution is an opportunity provided to members to use alternative transport solutions. The pool transport options are designed with the base idea that any member of The Kollective can travel to work on the bus, use a pool vehicle when needed and then jump on the bus back home again. All very easy and the best yet … all very sustainable.

Electric Cars  provided by Farmer Auto Village and charged by electric vehicle chargers provided by Powerco. The nearest public quick-charger is at Pak n Save, Cameron Road. Other charging stations can be found here https://charge.net.nz/map/

E-Scooters  The most fun way of getting around town, e-scooters are just brilliant. Hop on, scoot away and you'll be in your meeting in  no time. They don't do hills. But come on, is it a bad thing you need to walk up a hill? 

E-Bikes The single most efficient method of commuting or getting to and from your daily appointments. E-bikes are easy to ride, will get you huge distances and provide for some exercise at the same time. Tauranga cycle network can help you plan your journey https://www.tauranga.govt.nz/P...

Lifango Check out car sharing with through The Wednesday Challenge https://www.wednesdaychallenge...

Bus Service


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