The Kollective - a community
co-working space where ideas and knowledge are captured and shared.

Welcome to The Kollective - TK

Imagine a place where you work alongside like-minded people every day, a place where everyone you meet exudes a passion for our community, for our culture, and the value in the services they provide.

Imagine then, if that place were entirely dedicated to the community service sector, to social enterprise, to not for profit and charitable organisations. Imagine it offered the opportunity to meet other devoted co-workers, whenever, wherever you choose and to be at the heart of an environment where complementary organisations can explore and thrive... 

Imagine The Kollective - TK.

Purple plus, enjoy


A new, fresh and vibrant co-working space

Green plus, benefit


From our technologically advanced environment

Yellow plus, connect


With like-minded people within the same sector

Blue plus, relax


With flexible, all inclusive membership packages

Pink plus, network


Share or collaborate in a range of meeting rooms and spaces

The Kollective - TK is a place where collaboration and inter-organisational connectivity is made easy.


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