TK is about people, community and collaboration.

The Kollective - TK is New Zealand's largest co-working space dedicated to social impact.

We're here to encourage connection and collaboration that leads to success for not for profit, social enterprise and charitable organisations.

We're about working together in areas that afford and create mutual benefit. We're about understanding each other and taking the time to explore where collaborative opporunity might lie. We're about imagining something better, something that makes a better world and the knowledge that if we think about 'we', instead of 'me', well that's where the cool stuff happens.

TK has 3 big picture goals

To create and enable collaborative practice opportunity among member organisations, particularly those that benefit our aims around social impact and societal improvement.

To model operations that develop an organisation's ability to serve clients more effectively.

To do all of the above sustainably and in a manner that reduces our impact on our planet.

We enable connection and collaboration in three ways

  1. Our program or workshops and training events
  2. Informative and connection gathering networking sessions
  3. Fun and inspiring social events

We look to be an example of operational practice

  1. We seek efficiency of system and process that allows smooth practices designed to work for all. 
  2. We model digitisation and advise organisations in best and efficient use of technology.

We seek to model sustainable operational practice minimising our impact on mother earth

  1. Our landfill waste is reduced through use of our 10 recycle stations and our worm farms.
  2. Our building is thermally efficient with excellent use of daylight ensuring a reduced consumption of energy. 
  3. We have e-bikes, e-scooters and an e-car available in an effort to encourage alternative transport solutions. 

TK Member Values

Want to be part of an environment where communication and collaboration is encouraged?

TK is a place where daily interactions become a matter of connecting with friends in a collegial atmosphere. It’s a place where co-working is beneficial. It allows organisations to become more efficient, more technically capable, sustainable, able to connect and provide invaluable services.

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The Kollective / TK - Founded by TECT

Today, The Kollective, or TK for short, is a co-working community providing an administrative work-home along with meeting and connection spaces, all designed to foster connection and collaboration.

TK’s aim is to enable positive change and social impact that contributes to a region we all proudly call home.

TK’s journey though, started way back in 2014 when TECT first developed the idea after strong feedback from the community who saw value in a co-working facility.

Through indepth research, TECT found that co-working spaces could not only provide cost savings through shared resources, but more importantly, deliver a space where people could be inspired through knowledge gained by working closely with others. Long and short, dividing the costs and multiplying the benefits.

TK was brought to life with the physical build completing in 2018. Since then, TK’s co-working community has blossomed and now boasts over 250 members.

TECT provides support for local initiatives, facilities and events that bring vibrancy and connectedness to our region. It’s funding process brings life to grassroots organisations and large-scale multi-million-dollar projects alike. At TECT, we’re deeply proud that TK is one of those projects - an impact investment that is changing our part of the world for the better, one meeting, conversation and collaboration at a time.

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