Three membership types are available, plus two package add-ons.

Memberships fall into two categories...


You regularly work within The Kollective building and have a fixed or flexi desk, on a casual or more permanent basis.


You’re an organisation with regular meetings, or you just simply look to be part of The Kollective family, but you don’t have the need for an admin base.

The price you pay is ‘all inclusive’. This means that most fixed office costs to run your organisation will be covered by us including electricity, rates & water rates, building/contents insurances (TK property only), grounds maintenance, recycling, cleaning and front of house.

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The Kollective membership service icons key
Te Kotare membership opportunity at The Kollective

Te Kotare

$500 per month + GST ($600 + GST commercial rate)

If you ever find yourself face to face with The Godfather and he says, “I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse”. If that offer is a Te Kotare membership at TK, can we suggest you take the deal! 

A Te Kotare membership you see, is everything TK is about. It allows your organisation all the benefits of collective working, the connections, the collaboration, the networking, and all at a time that suits you. It is the ‘full monty’, the ‘bees knees’, it might even be, the 'Rolls Royce’.

Basically a Te Kotare membership provides you with a fixed piece of real estate, your desk and no-one else’s. 

Have the family pictures up, bring in the chair cushion or the back massager (whatever his name is) and feel safe in the knowledge that your desk is available for you, at any point, 24-7/365. Te Kotare membership is your very own home away from home.

Te Kotare Membership service icons

Monthly charge, paid in advance.

Te Kahu membership opportunity at The Kollective

Te Kahu

$300 per month +GST (No commercial rate available)

Ideal for the part-time member, a Te Kahu membership provides you with a flexible option. We’ll provide you with a ‘Flexi’ desk for use during your time in the office and you’ll get all the benefits of membership detailed with the icons below. Te Kahu, Te Korimako and Te Kotuku members have the advantage of being able to select any free ‘Flexi’ desk in the building. 

But given you cannot book a specific location, this does mean that your ‘Flexi’ desk may change every time you come into the office and therefore you may not be able to sit beside your colleagues. 

Te Kahu Membership service icons

Monthly charge, paid in advance.

Te Kereru membership opportunity at The Kollective

Te Kereru

Non-Resident Member
$10 per month + GST

(Invoiced and payable as a $120 plus GST annual charge)

Are you an individual or group who already has an office? Maybe you aren’t professionally involved in the community services sector, but are interested in keeping in touch? 

Maybe you just think we’re a bit cool and would like to become a member simply so you’re invited to all the events and networking opportunities? Well don’t panic, a Te Kereru membership means you’ll be kept up to date with all that is happening. You will also be able to book meeting rooms or spaces using your membership details on our website. Meeting rooms will be charged on a pay as you use basis at the advertised hourly rate.

Te Kereru Membership service icons

Annual charge paid in advance.

Te Korimako membership opportunity at The Kollective

Te Korimako Add-on

An add-on to your Te Kereru Membership.
$30 per day +GST

If you or your organisation is of limited scale or based out of town, and need a work space on a limited number of days each month, then our Te Korimako add-on is for you. This allows you the flexibility of a pay as you use system. No need to book, just pop in when you need a space, register with reception, select a ‘Flexi’ desk and you’re set.

Should you have any meetings, you’re welcome to use our meeting pods, informal meeting spaces, the deck or TK Kafe. But, please remember meeting rooms or conference facilities are not included in this membership. You will need to book these at the advertised hourly rate. 

Te Korimako Membership service icons
Te Kotuku membership opportunity at The Kollective

Te Kotuku Add-on

An add-on to your Te Kereru Membership.
$60 per month + GST

Maybe your organisation doesn’t need a desk or work space, but has monthly or regular meetings. Maybe you struggle to find a venue every month, or find it difficult sourcing somewhere big enough for committee members and attendees. 

A Te Kotuku membership add-on allows your group to join TK and have access to one of our meeting rooms for one three hour session per month which is included in your monthly subscription at a discounted rate. 

If you need more time, or more rooms, or more meetings that’s no problem, just ask the TK team.

Te Kotuku Membership service icons

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