What is The Kollective - TK?

TK is about people, TK is about community, TK is here

The Kollective - TK is New Zealand's largest co-working space and is dedicated to the success of not for profit, social enterprise and charitable organisations.

TK is located on 17th Avenue, Tauranga, just off Cameron Road and conveniently located nor far from Tauranga's CBD. 

We ask that you imagine a place where you work alongside like-minded people every day, a place where everyone you meet exudes a passion for our community, for our culture, and the value in the services they provide. Imagine too a space that offers the opportunity to meet other devoted co-workers, whenever, wherever you choose and to be at the heart of an environment where complementary organisations can explore and thrive... Imagine, The Kollective - TK.

Want to be part of an environment where communication and collaboration is encouraged?


At TK we encourage and inspire effective communication and collaboration in a positive and welcoming environment

TK Member Values

We believe that everyone is deserved of the same respect. No matter where we’re from, who we choose to love, who we identify as, or the challenges we experience, we embrace diversity and are inclusive of all.

We share, host, show respect, and are generous of our time. We know that collaborative relationships help learning and knowledge flow, while fostering trust and understanding among us.

We contribute to TK through participation and engagement. Whether we’re able to run a workshop, deliver a presentation, or have wisdom to impart, members of TK invest in our community for the benefit of all of us.

We ensure our interactions with others do not undermine another’s dignity and value. Every step we take, every meeting we hold and every collaborative opportunity we grasp, contributes to trust and wellbeing in our community.

We have integrity, we respect confidentiality and promote goodwill, fairness and equity. We want to encourage positivity in our environment and we know how mutually supportive relationships are crucial to our success.

Want to know more about our vision and values?

To read more about the TK vision, values, etiquettes and guidelines.
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TK is a place where daily interactions become a matter of connecting with friends in a collegial atmosphere in the on-site meeting spaces, or the TK Kafe. It’s a place where co-working is not scary, it’s beneficial.

The Kollective is a new beginning that allows organisations to become more efficient, more technically capable, sustainable, more able to connect and most importantly, to become even better at providing invaluable services.

TK is about people, TK is about community, TK is here


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