What is The Kollective?

TK is about people, TK is about community, TK is here

Imagine a place where you work alongside like-minded people every day, a place where everyone you meet exudes a passion for our community, for our culture, and the value in the services they provide. 

Imagine then, if that place were entirely dedicated to the community service sector, to social enterprise, to not for profit and charitable organisations. Imagine it offered the opportunity to meet other devoted co-workers, whenever, wherever you choose and to be at the heart of an environment where complementary organisations can explore and thrive.

The Kollective is due to launch in mid-2018 and it will be a place where collaboration is made easy


TK is a place where daily interactions become a matter of connecting with friends in a collegial atmosphere in the on-site meeting spaces, or the TK Kafe. It’s a place where co-working is not scary, it’s beneficial.

The Kollective is a new beginning that allows organisations to become more efficient, more technically capable, sustainable, more able to connect and most importantly, to become even better at providing invaluable services.

TK is about people, TK is about community, TK is here


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